Company Succession

Every year, about 22,000 companies, most of them family-owned, are looking for someone to take over. Most are passed on within the family or the company via a management-buyout, but in many cases no suitable successor can be found. In those cases the very existance of the company is threatened. If there are no heirs or they are not interested in running the company, another solution has to be found to avoid having to close down. Often that solution is selling the company.

In this increasingly common difficult situation, we would like to lend a helping hand. On these pages, we offer companies a platform to present themselves to prospective buyers. The placement is free of charge and above all anonymous. Only if you find a successor through us do we charge a commission (3% of the sales price).

Take the first step for including your company in our database by using our online form. With any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Daniel Stock, Tel. +49-8102-77710-20,

Should you be looking to buy a company and are unable to find something suitable in our database, we invite you to contact us anyway. Personal contact is very important to us, and we would be glad if you take that first step to get in touch.

Mr Daniel Stock, Tel. +49-8102-77710-20, will be your contact person.


Decades of experience as Interim Manager to help you

In the coming years many company leaders who started out during the time of the economic miracle will be reaching an age where the question of succession becomes more and more pressing. This is a step, though, that must be well prepared. All elements and steps of the succession are analyzed and then actively prepared as well as further advice given during implementation.

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