Placement as a perfect chance

We will gladly support applicants to take the next step in their career path:

Our first step is to compare your wishes, preferences, aversions and particular qualifications. Sometimes there are improvements that can be made to your résumé and we will be happy to advise you. We carry out our research in our online job market on this basis. Often, the first matches that could lead to a successful placement are already revealed at this point.

You can place your CV profile in our portal on an anonymous and non-binding basis, working either independently or in cooperation with one of our advisers. This means that potential employers can access the data you have posted and can contact us if they are interested in meeting with you.

Our service is free and non-binding for applicants. Naturally, confidentiality is one of our major concerns as we will only pass on your documentation with your express permission and always on an anonymous basis.

You can place your CV profile in our portal on an anonymous and non-binding basis.


Optimize your CV with the help of one of our experienced consultants

A well-structured, clear and coherent CV is the key to a successful job application. It is the first thing the human resources managers read – your CV decides whether the application will be taken into account in the recruitment process. A perfect, well structured CV should make the reader want to get to know you personnally.

Many are unsure about how to compile a good CV. What is the best structure? What information is important, what should better not be included? On the other hand, during our regular consulting work we often come across the situation that a candidate seems to be unsuited for an opening at first glance, but over the course of the conversation it turns out that the necessary experience and qualification are actually there, and were simply not apparent in the CV. What is necessary differs between the various industries, which means there is no one ‘right’ solution.
That issue caused us to come up with the optimization service for CVs. Based on your existing documents, we edit your CV with focus on content, formal criteria and style. That will likely include talking to you over the phone to answer any questions that might arise. We deliberately won’t present you with a pre-formatted example CV, because each CV should always carry and express your personal style.
Years of experience enable us to optimize your CV for industry and even position specific requirements. We edit your documents according to your specifications. You decide whether we should only update the content or also look at the style. We can adapt it to a specific job opening, or translate it into English/German.

The fee for this CV service is € 150 (including VAT).
This is how it works:
• You send us your CV in an e-mail with the subject line “optimize CV” to
• You’ll receive an invoice for the service by e-mail.
• Your CV is forwarded to the Consultant with the necessary industry experience.
• As soon as your payment has been registered by our accounting department, the Consultant will get in touch with you, and you will receive your edited CV within two weeks.


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