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Fachexperten Recruiting

When two do the same thing, it still doesn‘t mean they‘ll do it the same way. We could name a number of points where our approach differs from others in the same field. One of the most important is that we will invest time to get to know you and your processes and will take them as seriously as our own.

Consulting portfolio

We seek, find and persuade

Our particular area of expertise lies in the combination of crystal-clear analysis and better-than-average knowledge of human nature. Many years of valuable experience in renowned companies help us to help you not just look for the right interested party, but actually to find him/her. The challenge is that good candidates generally don’t need to change jobs – our job is to persuade them of the value of a change of scene.

Consulting portfolio

We match the right candidates to the right business

A company without well-qualified, committed personnel will not succeed in making its mark either nationally or internationally. It is equally important for applicants to find the right business where they can contribute their knowledge and experience in a responsible way – employees need to fit in with the corporate culture and must be able to identify with their employer.


Partner to our clients

We regard ourselves as a partner to our clients – with more than 30 years of consulting experience, 70% of our work involves follow-up business. We achieve our success by facilitating our clients‘ long-term success with the right personnel. Our aim is that our services, quality and reliability should always exceed our clients’ expectations, even under tight time constraints. Our clients include leading corporate groups and medium-sized enterprises in the areas of automotive engineering, machine and plant construction, electronics, and IT. However, companies in the chemicals, medical technology, services and media sectors also often benefit from our experience.

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Companies can search our candidate database for suitable candidates from all over the world.


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Well-qualified staff are the backbone of every company and the key to economic success.

Executive Search International. Our Executive Search program enables us to find just the right managerial staff for you and your company

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