Executive Search

Searching for managerial staff via open job advertisements is usually not feasable. The success rate of such advertisements tend to very low, especially for very specialized comanies. Even more important, such job openings cannot be left vacant for even a short time – hence the current position holder should ideally not learn about the search until the new candidate has been found. Because the candidates identified are not usually actively in search of a new challenge, they often fall through the cracks in passive search methods (databases and advertisements). It is only through personal contact with these candidates that their willingness to change jobs and their correspondence with the requirements profile can be established.

Our vast network grown out of thirty years of expertise in the field, along with targeted research, have proven to be the key for good and quick results.

Our services in the segment "Executive Research" include:

Situation Analysis

Research and first contact by telephone

Our database and network

Box number advertisement online

Candidate evaluation and support during contracting

We ask suitable candidates to submit their resumé. This resumé is passed on to you, and if there's interest on your part in this candidate, will invite them to a personal interview with one of our consultants. Those who convince us in that talk as well as on paper will be suggested for a presentation in your house. That way only a small circle of selected candidates will receive information about your company and the open position.

The price for this service is 25% of the gross annual salary (plus value-added tax) of the hired candidate. The salary usually consist of several components like a fixed salary and variables, like pension commitments or a car-allowance.