Our analytical approach

Detailed analysis of the company's needs, the situation, and the profile

The starting point for every successful search for suitable staff is detailed knowledge about the company, their competition, the industry, and their specific processes and structures. All this is necessary to compile a comprehensive job profile to help identify the right candidate. This analysis goes beyond the specific requirements for the candidate's qualifications. As important as those are for the success of the new hire, so are the soft skills and how well the candidate fits into the existing company. This analysis is done in close cooperation with you, while we contribute our many years of experience in Human Resources and in-depth market knowledge.

Wording und indexing of the job-ad, using the top-jobs-europe layout

On the basis of the job description, we formulate your advertisement using our layout. We make use of the many options for indexing in the most relevant search engines and major social networks. A wide range of keywords leads to success when the keywords are selected not only to fit the position itself but also the company philosophy. Of course in all this we make sure that your company remains anonymous, ensuring a degree of flexibility and discretion.

Research (identifying and getting in contact)

The main part of our HR consulting service consists of identification of suitable candidates within your specific industry and environment, and motivate them to submit their resumés. For this, we specifically contact specific candidates based on a prior analysis of the target group, but also make use of extensive internal and external databases.

Resumé Analysis and phone interviews, references

The resumés we receive are examined by our project managers to decide whether they are up-to-date and the candidates suitable. For this, we will define specific criteria that characterize the best possible candidate – the A-candidate. During telephone interviews, our consultants further scrutinize the resumé and compare it to the job profile. If desired or necessary we of course also request references.
Some candidates might not fit the job profile but have specific expertise which could be of interest for your company anyway. We will match vacancies in your company and then present those candidates separately.

Face-to-face evaluation

Even today with the widespread use of video conferencing, there is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting to properly evaluate a candidate. This is especially true for leadership positions. On the highest hierarchy levels, someone's ability to lead a company to success does not so much hinge on formal qualifications. More important is their skill in overcoming challenges. That is why the candidates' work philosophy and approach are our consultants' main focus during face-to-face interviews. Our assessment of the candidates' strength and weaknesses will then be compiled into a report for you.

Presentation, contracting, guarantee

Those candidates who managed to impress us and who could generally be of interest to you, we will present on-site at your company. Together with the documentation made available to you in advance, this should allow you to quickly and thoroughly assess the candidate and in many cases make a successful placement. Through this approach we achieve a success rate of 95%. Human and economic influences mean that higher quotas are next to impossible.
You can further draw form our network for legal assistance when formulating the employment contract. This we recommend especially for high-level positions and expatriate contracts.