We match the right candidates to the right business

A company without well-qualified, committed personnel will not succeed in making its mark either nationally or internationally. It is equally important for applicants to find the right business where they can contribute their knowledge and experience in a responsible way - employees need to fit in with the corporate culture and must be able to identify with their employer.

What we offer

Recruiting Products

Direct Search for specialist personnel: Position analysis, research, identification and contact, ABC-analysis

Mailbox: texting and posting of job-advertisement, ABC-analysis

Executive Search: Position analysis, research, identification and contact, applicant interviews

Company Succession

Present your company: Companies on the lookout for a successor can present themselves, and searched by potential buyers.

Candidates Database / Interim Manager Database

Interim Management Portal: The professional, individual, and above all intelligent solution for "temporary management"

post your CV: Candidates can post their anonymous profile - free-of-charge and with no obligations.

search for suitable candidates:Companies can search our candidate database for suitable candidates from all over the world.

Company Succession, our new service

Every year, about 22,000 companies, most of them family-owned, are looking for someone to take over. Most are passed on within the family or the company via a management-buyout, but in many cases no suitable successor can be found. In those cases the very existance of the company is threatened.

In this increasingly common difficult situation, we would like to lend a helping hand. On these pages, we offer companies a platform to present themselves to prospective buyers. The placement is free of charge and above all anonymous. Bei diesem Modul arbeiten wir auf reiner Erfolgsbasis.

The most recent post in our tje-Blog

Major job board is predicting massive increase in job openings

Currently, there’s a lot of talk about short-term and long-term risks to the labor market in Germany. There’s the “Brexit” vote, still unsolved structural problems in Europe that showed during the financial and currency crisis, and the migration into Europe from the Near East and Africa. Those problems are undeniably real, and have to be approached by the forces that be. Still, various analysis and statistics point straight up for the labor market. The Federal Labor Office has been reporting record lows in the number of qualified workers looking for work, and private organization add some interesting numbers of their own. Weiterlesen