leading function in the top-management / plant-leadership and/or CFO
Kandidaten-ID: 10015164_C1
Zeitraum - Firma, Position, Aufgabe

Nov 2006 - present

A German plastic injection company with main production facilities in Eastern Asia. Worldwide number 1 leader in development and manufacturing of high tech components for the sports sector (adidas-Group, Nike, Puma, New Balance, a.o.) with 3,000 employees.

Nov 2006 - Jul 2007: Head of Group Controlling (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

Aug 2007 - May 2013: Managing Director (Jakarta, Indonesia)

May 2013 - Jul 2013: Operational Country Manager for 2 factories in PR China

Aug 2013 - Dec 2015: Managing Director (Southern PR China)

Jan 2016 - present: Managing Director Administration (back in Germany)

Scope of Work:
- Responsibility for all financial and administrative transactions
- Implementation of production monitoring systems with target to increase productivity
- Implementation of cost accounting
- Increasing production volume in Headquarter
- Planning a complete new production facility and new logistic system for main customer with target to make products "100% made in Germany". Merging customer production with own production

Branche: Kunststoff, Gummi, Glas

Feb 2006 - Sep 2006

Same German Manufacturer of punching machines, subsidiary in France

Administrative Director

Scope of Work:
- Analyzing the company work flow and discover the root cause of the bad financial performance
- Elimination of liquidity problems
- Preparation of restructuring the team
- Implementation of calculation system
- Implementation of lean production
- Increasing of efficiency of production
- Generating new customers

Branche: Maschinenbau / Anlagenbau

Jan 2002 - Jan 2006

German Manufacturer of punching machines

Head of Group Controlling

Scope of Work:
- Saving expenses drastically by active controlling of all kind of expenses
- Creating a calculation system for manufacturing machines that includes pre-calculation, daily calculation and post-calculation
- Checking daily- and post-calculation
- Cost comparison between all production locations and preparation of decisions for future production allocation
- Standardizing work flow to make production more efficient
- Reduction of average hourly wage rate 50%
- Leader of the yearly financial statement audit together with external auditor
- Head of Risk Management
- Leader of administrative apprenticeship training

Branche: Maschinenbau / Anlagenbau

May 2001 - Dec 2001

A "new economy" company, quoted on the international stock exchange market. It consisted of 12 subsidiaries with main business in presentation technique, event management and film industry (200 employees)


Scope of Work:
- Implementation of cost accounting
- Implementation and teaching all departments in cost center management
- Head of Risk Management
- Active administration of fixed assets
- Leader of administrative apprenticeship training
- Project Manager for switch from currency Deutsche Mark to EURO
- Post calculation for main project ?Expo 2000? in Hannover

Branche: Medien (Film, Funk, TV, Verlag)

Oct 1997 - May 2001

Studies in business eceonomics

Branche: Hochschulen / Forschungsinstitute / Bildungseinrichtungen

Berufserfahrung in Jahren: 22 Jahre
Bemerkung zum aktuellen Unternehmen: Looking for a new challenge world-wide, also ad interim and as an Expat.
Ausbildung und Studium
Studium: Aug 2010 - Aug 2012
Swiss German University (SGU), Jakarta, Indonesia
(University cooperation with University of Applied Science Konstanz, Germany and University of Applied Science St. Gallen, Switzerland)
Economic study beside regular assignment, weekend based
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Magister Management (MM)

Oct 1997 - May 2001
University of Applied Science in Germany
Study Path: Betriebswirtschaft (business economics)
Specialization: Mittelstandsoeknomie (economics for medium sized enterprises)
Diploma: Diplombetriebswirt (FH)
Berufsausbildung: Sep 1994 - Jun 1996
Apprentice as Industriekaufmann (Industrial manager)
Apprentice according to the IHK dual education system in Germany with combination of company and school education
Bemerkung: Jul 1994 - Aug 1994 Military Service (Bundeswehr)
Schulabschluss: commercial high school: German Abitur ((High School Graduation)
IT-Kenntnisse / Sprachen / Zusatzqualifikation
Sprachen: German Mother Language
English Fluent written and spoken
French Originally fluent, several years out of training, not applicable at the moment
Indonesian average speaker, 3 years out of practice
Zusatzqualifikation: Professional competencies

- Profound knowledge in global organizations both in the commercial sector and also in general company management
- Experience in corporate restructuring, especially a specialist in corporate restructuring in a difficult situation
- Specialist in guiding companies in liquidity stress
- Sovereign analyst of facts & figures including implementation of improvements
- Development of new strategies, as well as implementation of production monitoring systems with the goal of increasing productivity
- Huge intercultural competence, very extensive experience in cooperation with various nationalities and religions
- Strong in customer building and customer loyalty
- Expert in corruption, intensive experience in corruption elimination
- Experience in liquidating a company

Competence in leadership

- Management experience with up to 1,000 employees with international mentality
- Restructurings with up to 500 layoffs and 400 new hires
- Establishment of a company according to systems, independent of persons
- Leadership with specific target systems and goals
- Development of employees through professional and personal support and continuous training
- Anti-corruption seminars
- Leadership seminars in rhetoric and body language
- Leadership skills for Asian companies

Targets and projects

- Responsibility for the commercial areas as well as for full local transformations
- Establishing a completely new production facility and new logistics systems for the most important customers with goal planning "100% Made in Germany", as well as bringing together the customer?s production with the employer?s own production


- Nine years as an ex-patriate in the Asian area: Vietnam, Indonesia and China
- Close cooperation with companies in South Korea and Hong Kong
- Extensive experience with German, American, Korean and Taiwanese customers
- Technical and disciplinary leadership of international teams
- International benchmarking and country comparisons. Specialist in the monetary as well as cultural comparison of different countries
- Very good knowledge of Southeast Asian countries as well as the main cities due to many trips there
Angestrebte Tätigkeit
Art der Anstellung: Festanstellung
Tätigkeitsfeld: Geschäftsführung / Management
Controlling / Finance
Produktion / Fertigung

Wien (1xxx)
Niederösterreich (2xxx)
Niederösterreich (3xxx)
Oberösterreich (4xxx)
Salzburg (5xxx)
  Tirol (6xxx)
Vorarlberg (69xx)
Burgenland (7xxx)
Steiermark (8xxx)
Kärnten (9xxx)

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